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LOGAN PLODER (Team Captain)


Logan Ploder is now racing with Motorsport 360. In his time with Team FMR he shined very brightly, and was named the Captain of the team in 2016. This followed his first racing titles In 2016, where he took both the CRKC Sunday Youth and TRAK Briggs Junior Light Series season titles. Before that he was equally successful in the CRKC Sunday Youth Series where he took first spot, and scored second overall in the TRAK Briggs Junior Light category. An equally successful 2014 season not only saw him finish first in the CRKC Sunday Youth Series, but also first in the overall youth class as well as top overall in the entire CRKC Series. 

His most recent seasons racing for a combined PRO | Team FMR saw him fight for the 2017 championship in the Briggs Junior Category, where he placed X out of X drivers, and again in 2018 where he took the overall TRAK Briggs Junior TRAK championship.


Logan has been a race fan since he was a baby as both his Mom and Dad introduced him to NASCAR at a very young age. Logan enjoys the love and support of a large extended family, and hopes you will join him on Twitter (@loganmp21) to follow his winning carreer.




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