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Introducing Jayden Elphage. 2016 will be his forth season racing, and his first running full-time in the highly competitive TRAK series after taking the CRKC Sunday Series Championship from teammate Myles in 2015. Jayden was born at just 27 weeks old, and has faced challenges ever since, like Autism, Cerebral Palsy and a Cochlear Implant to help with hearing loss, so needless to say racing isn't really that intimidating to this FMR star. Jayden's parents had tried to interest him in all the usual sports kids like, but it wasn't until Jayden was introduced to karting by Autistic friend and mentor, Austin Riley, that he found where he felt he belongs. Jayden describes being at the track feels like an extension of his family, and that the Fast Myles Racing Team, Racing with Autism and everyone at Goodwood Kartways makes him feel welcome. Like most kids, Jayden enjoy video games, and if his parent's would let him, he'd spend all off track time playing racing games on a virtual track. Jayden hopes you will join his family and friends in supporting him as he continues to focus on building a professional racing carreer. Jayden lives in Mississauga with his Mom and Dad, and his beloved dog. Jayden will 

Hi, I'm Jayden Elphage and this will be my 7th year racing. Born with a variety of medical challenges and physical ones, I barely survived infant-hood and fought for my life for 3 months. My parents had saw other kids playing hockey and soccer and tried to enrol me in those sports, but I wasn't interested in kicking a ball or slapping another player with my hockey stick. After years of this....... "trying to be normal" thing, mom and dad tried go karting. I was immediately hooked! My first time at a go kart track was special because I got to meet Austin Riley. Don't know who he is? Look him up. He gave me some pointers which I still use today. 2018 was a roller coaster for me. I am an official member of TRAK, which is probably the most competitive club in the country, and that gave me UPs and downs. Overall, I came 4th overall in the Briggs junior lite series this year and I'm proud....sorta. I know I could have won the championship, but I didn't. I'm looking forward to 2019 and I know that I will get better results. I reside in Mississauga, ON with my family and my doggo.



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