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Isaak Nura Godana was the last driver to join Team FMR although he'd been bunking under our tent on and off for the last few years.  Isaak's dream is to drive an open-wheel car and make it to Formula 1. His passion for motorsports, and his goal to be a professional racecar driver are what motivates Issak to give his best all the time. Put simply, Issak is willing to do what it takes to achieve a full-time career in professional open wheel racing. And while Issaks goal is to join the open-wheel ranks, he appreciates all forms of motorsports, believing you can learn from each and every discipline.


2016 was the season that allowed Isaak to gauge how competitive he could be. 2017 brought him from the back of the pack to a position solidly mid-pack, with more than one occasion of running with the leaders. And in 2018 Isaak claimed XX podiums, including XX Wins. He also competed in the Hot Wheel Cup in Canada, and reprinted our country admirably in the Global Championship ahead of the IndyCar Season Finale in California. Mark our works, you will hear a lot about this driver in the coming years.



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