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Welcome to archive website of Team FMR. Team FMR was not a race team in the traditional sense, instead it was an amalgamation of a group of friends and their families, a cooperative designed to make racing more affordable and accessible for middle income families. It was also the spiritual home of karters and future racing stars, Logan Ploder, Myles Morgan, Jayden Elphage, Chad Webster, and a driver who is in now in the Mexican F1 series, and wishes not to be named, along with Anthony Garofalo, Isaak Nura Godana, Kai Dalzel, Dylan Bellamy, Dylan Bryan and David Bellamy who have all been affiliated with the team at some point in its history from 2011 to 2019. And while the team no longer operates as a stand-alone entity, we will always been teammates and friends wherever the future takes us. We invite you to follow the individual drivers on their own social media platforms as they advance up through the ranks of motorsport. And we wish them all podium finishes.

This website is dedicated to the memory of William (Bill) Taylor


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