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This is your audience


OK, we'll be the first to admit karting — unlike more famous forms of Motorsport — will not give you exposure to a large national Television audience. But it will give you repeated exposure to a very well-heeled and very loyal crowd of business owners, developers, builders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, property managers, bankers, and "C Suite (We learned that term from our Dads) Executives and other influential people that are parents, relatives, backers, fans and other supporters of racers, events and tracks. And they fully understand the commitment Racing takes, and in return are more than willing to show brand loyalty to those that help fund the sport.  Additionally we drag our karts all over the province from Hamilton to Mosport, just north of Clarington, and along many points in between such as Stouffville, every weekend in trailers that are exposed to thousands, if not millions of commuters who in turn will be exposed to your product, brand or service on the QEW, 403, 410, 410, 427, 407, 404 and 403. And we haven't begun to consider side roads, the communities we live in, nor the attention the "circus" that is a major karting event brings.


Then there's our online audience. And while Team FMR may have shut down (for now?), there are lots of other great teams and drivers who need your support at the grass roots level f motorsport. Seek them out.

Results matter. In 2014 Team FMR was on the podium at every single race with a total of 17 Gold Medals, 8 Silver, and 3 Bronze with Logan taking both the Sunday CRKC Championship and overall series title. In 2015, the team again dominated the podium with 14 Golds, 12 Silvers and 5 Bronze medals. In addition, FMR drivers placed 4th, 8th, and 17th in their first year in the highly competive TRAK series.
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